ComputerNerd RIP

— 12:00 AM on May 1, 2001

Dave from ComputerNerd sends word of a sad turn of events. The venerable online overclocker's reseller has ceased operations, effective April 30. There's an explanatory notice on their website, plus a very interesting post-mortem examining just what went wrong with the business.

Many of you will recall our string of reviews of Nerd products, from my original SMP Smackdown (in which the Nerd did the smacking down) to the early TR reviews like the Athlon Decathlon (with the Nerd's amazing WTX case) and the BX-Via comparo, to the finest of the Golden Fingers cards, to our recent review of the innovative Visionator box. Dave wasn't afraid of the scrutiny of a critical reviewer, and his products stood up to the test well. It's a shame to see one of the little guys fall.

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