Far Cry 3 trailer shows new MP modes

It's been a few months since we last looked at Far Cry 3 multiplayer. Instead of a lengthy walk through a pre-alpha build, we've now got an official trailer from Ubisoft that showcases Far Cry 3's new multiplayer modes: Firestorm and Transmission. It all looks... interesting:

Clearly, the game still borrows heavily from the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises, but there are some unique elements. The Psyche Gas looks fun to use, and the new Transmission mode seems like a fresh take on the capture-point concept. I think Firestorm might be a little tricky to coordinate with random Internet people, though, and the whole Final Move thing looks weirdly sadistic in a way I'm not sure I'm comfortable with.

Speaking of which, I think this might be the first official multiplayer trailer from a major publisher that endorses teabagging. See around 2:39 in the video. Stay classy, Ubisoft.

I got a little hands-on time with Far Cry 3 on the PC at AMD's Markham, Ontario offices last month, and the game definitely looks gorgeous. The single-player mode, as far as I could tell, borrows more from Far Cry 2 than from the original Crytek game. Since I enjoyed the sequel more than the original, I'm totally okay with that. Still, considering how much of the multiplayer looks borrowed from other shooters, I'm left wondering whether Far Cry 3 really needs a multiplayer mode at all. Focusing solely on the single-player experience certainly worked for Dishonored, and it yielded a fun and very memorable experience. Maybe replicating Battlefield 3 multiplayer with a few twists isn't the best use of a developer's time and resources.

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