Imagine there's no Daily Radar

It's easy if you try.

That's right, Imagine Media made it known today that it's closing up its online operations, which include the lively gaming site Daily Radar and the Computing Network. The guys at GameSpy got got the scoop. You will find a goodbye message at Daily Radar now. Oh, and a loving goodbye at PCXL, too. This is just a shame, since Daily Radar in particular was a very promising publication. A horrid Internet venture capital market just killed a potentially quite profitable business.

Not only that, but Imagine Media appears to be closing down its online ad network, the Maximum PC Network, though there's no official word yet, far as I know. (I do know I'm getting ICQ messages from MPCN webmasters looking for a new ad network.) The sites affected by this move are listed here. Notable on the list: Ars Technica, my old stomping grounds. The Ars guys have already posted a notice saying they're not going anywhere, though.

But it is worrying watching the online advertising world continue to collapse. (UGO isn't really paying us, either, for what it's worth.) Depressing, even. The question isn't really whether things will turn around; they will—at least for the big dawgs. The question is whether smaller, independent content sites like TR and the (former?) MPCN affiliates will be able to sell enough advertising to support themselves. Stay tuned.

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