Judge tosses out Rambus's case; Micron jumps in

OK, Ronald already posted about this, but I have to jump in since, hey, big story. Plus, there are new developments.

The Rambus-Infineon trial continued yesterday, and this thing has been torture for Rambus. Late in the day, the judge threw out most of Rambus's case, siding with Infineon on all of Rambus's patent infrigement claims. So Infineon has essentially won, but the question is: how bad will it get for Rambus? The trial continues, and it could get ugly for 'em:

Infineon will present witnesses in the next several days on its allegations that Rambus failed to disclose SDRAM patent applications to the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (Jedec).
If Infineon's fraud claims are convincing to the jury, certain Rambus execs could end up in the slammer. No kidding.

Either way, it seems likely other companies tormented by Rambus's legal claims will be emboldened by this trial's result. I think DDR adoption, which has been slow to date, could speed up considerably once this case is settled. Folks are underestimating the effects Rambus's legal battles have had on big semiconductor and PC manufacturers.

In related news, Monday's developments prompted Micron to seek to intervene in the Rambus-Infineon trial. I'm not sure yet what that means, but I expect it means the big dawgs of DRAM like to hunt in packs. (Thanks to rand for the tip on that one.)

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