Lenovo Yoga 11 goes up for sale at discounted price

We told you all about Lenovo's Yoga 11 convertible Windows RT notebook last month—including the fact that it was supposed to launch at $799. Well, as Engadget reports, the Yoga 11 is now available, and Lenovo is offering it for a fair bit less than expected.

The system is currently on sale for $679.20 direct from Lenovo's website. The discount apparently involves a Cyber Monday "eCoupon," but this is the quoted price on the official product page, so it may as well be a price cut from the manufacturer.

That $679.20 entry fee gets you a 2.8-pound machine with an 11.6", 1366x768 multi-touch display. The display can swing all the way back, turning the notebook into a chunky tablet (with the keyboard exposed on the other side). Other positions are feasible, like the inverted V shape pictured to the side. Internally, the Yoga 11 features a Tegra 3 processor, two gigs of RAM, 32GB of flash memory, a four-cell battery, Wi-Fi, Bluteooth 4.0, and HDMI connectivity.

This looks like an interesting take on the convertible tablet concept. I like that Lenovo includes a full keyboard and touchpad, although it's too bad the machine has ARM inside. Since Windows RT doesn't run x86 software, you're pretty much restricted to "Modern UI" apps, bundled Windows software, and the cut-down version of Office 2013 included with the OS. I think that makes the Yoga 11 a tough sell even at $679. After all, Asus offers an 11.6", touch-enabled ultrabook with Intel guts for just $599—and that's the regular retail price.

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