Humble Bundle goes pro, offers THQ games dirt-cheap

We've covered Humble Indie Bundles in the past, but they're usually just that—bundles of indie games. This time, the same folks are offering something a little different: the Humble THQ Bundle, which includes a number of major titles from THQ. As always, customers are invited to pay what they think the bundle is worth—anything upward from a dollar.

Among the bundled games are Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, and Company of Heroes with its two expansions: Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor. Folks who pay more than the average purchase price, which is $5.59 right now, also get a copy of Saints Row The Third.

In other words, about six bucks will get you five major titles from a fairly prominent developer-cum-publisher, plus a couple expansions for one of 'em and free soundtracks. (You can decide to pay more, of course, which is part of the point.) What's not to like? You've got plenty of time to partake, too. According to the counter on site, the THQ Bundle is going to be available for another 13 days or so.

Just keep in mind the average price is liable to fluctuate, so be sure to double-check before buying so you don't miss out on Saints Row The Third.

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