Gigabyte HD Series mobos add digital video outputs

Most modern motherboards come with display outputs for integrated graphics. Unfortunately, the selection of ports is pretty slim at the low end of the spectrum. Even really cheap boards have old-school analog VGA ports, but you'll have a harder time finding models with digital HDMI and DVI outputs. That's where Gigabyte's new HD Series motherboards come in. Each and every model features both DVI and HDMI ports.

The HD family spans Ivy Bridge and Trinity sockets with seven different boards. For LGA1155 Intel CPUs, there are two Z77 models in addition to units based on the B75 and H61 platforms. The GA-Z77-HD4 and GA-Z77-HD3 are full-sized ATX boards, while the GA-B75M-HD3 (pictured above) and GA-H61M-HD2 have smaller microATX footprints. You probably want to avoid the H61 model, which lacks 6Gbps SATA ports and USB 3.0 connectivity. It's the only one without a PCI slot, too.

There are three models on the AMD side, each with an FM2 socket and microATX dimensions. The GA-F2A85XM-HD3 pictured above features the top-of-the-line A85X chipset, while the GA-F2A75M-HD2 and GA-F2A55M-HD2 are based on the A75 and A55 chipsets, respectively. This time around, the runt of the litter is the GA-F2A55M-HD2. Like the H61 variant, it lacks 6Gbps SATA and USB 3.0.

Even the cheapest members of the HD family fall under Gigabyte's Ultra Durable 4 Classic umbrella, which means they all have dual BIOS chips, solid-state capacitors, and "glass fabric" circuit boards. Although pricing details aren't included on Gigabyte's site, two of the boards are already selling at Newegg. The GA-F2A55M-HD2 rings in at $70, while the GA-B75M-HD3 will set you back $5 more. We've pinged Gigabyte for pricing info on the other models.

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