Deal of the week: a 120GB SSD for $85, cheap games, and more

Yes, there are still deals to go around—even as some retailers (and some unfortunate shoppers) are recovering from the stampedes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Newegg is currently offering Mushkin’s 120GB Chronos solid-state drive for a scant $84.99 with free shipping. This is a SandForce SF-2200-based drive with Serial ATA 6Gbps connectivity and read and write speeds of 550MB/s and 515MB/s, respectively. Mushkin covers it with a three-year warranty, and as icing in the cake, the company throws in a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter bracket in the box. That’s quite a bargain for less than 71 cents a gigabyte.

If you’re in the market for a USB 3.0 thumb drive, Corsair’s 32GB Surivor Stealth is on sale right now for $34.99 with free shipping after a $5-off coupon code ("CORS113X"). This drive is supposed to have an "aircraft-grade" aluminum enclosure that’s waterproof up to 200 meters. I usually keep my thumb drives moisture-free, but the five-year warranty certainly doesn’t hurt—and neither does the price.

On the gaming side of things, the Humble THQ Bundle we wrote about yesterday is still on offer. You still get Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, Company of Heroes, two CoH expansions, and game soundtracks for however much you want to chip in. It looks like you can go as low as $1 for the whole thing. Folks who pay at least $5.70, which is the average amount the Bundle is netting, also get a copy of Saints Row The Third in the mix.

Over on Amazon, both the new Tomb Raider and Metro: Last Light are up for pre-order for $44.99. Neither title is due out until next March, but if you plan to pick them up anyway, you might as well save yourself a few bucks.

What about north of the border? Canucks among us will want to check out NCIX’s Sleigh Ride Sale Event. NCIX has an 8GB kit of Kingston HyperX DDR3-1600 memory on sale for $34.99 CAD, and a 16GB kit for $64.99 CAD. OCZ’s Agility 3 240GB SSD is available for $169.99 CAD, too, and Corsair’s excellent M60 gaming mouse (which I’ve been using for a while) can be nabbed for only $49.99 CAD.

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    • apertur3
    • 7 years ago

    Deal of the week and Cyril didn’t even plug his own book. Humble. Give yourself some well deserved credit, man!

      • cygnus1
      • 7 years ago

      Buy it, it’s a good read and not expensive!


      • ImSpartacus
      • 7 years ago

      I give him credit for [i<]not[/i<] advertising his product as a "deal" here. To me, that means something and I'm genuinely pleased to not see it present.

    • StuG
    • 7 years ago

    I would stay away from Mushkin SSD at all costs. My friend has one and he is in his 3rd week of attempting to get an RMA for their product that was less than 3 weeks old. They have been running him in circles without supporting their own products.

      • Elsoze
      • 7 years ago

      Yikes. I’ve had the opposite experience with Crucial. My first SSD had issues and I was rather surprised that they had knowledgeable support. Of course they try to get you to troubleshoot and fix any problems but when it came down to it they let me RMA.

      • Chrispy_
      • 7 years ago

      Mushkin/Patriot/ADATA/Sandisk all have lousy support.
      Kingston/OCZ have good support,
      Intel/Samsung don’t need support.

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