Saturday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. X-bit labs: Quad-core microprocessors to dominate notebooks in 2016
    and hp starts to sell cheap-looking Envy-branded PCs, creator of Envy
    brand gets disappointed
  2. Windows CFO: "Not enough" Windows 8 touch-screen PCs
  3. Neowin: Rumors of Surface tablet successors and specs appear
  4. Gizmodo spots new iMac teardown
  5. The Inquirer: Toshiba launches 4TB SATA and SAS hard drives
  6. Maximum PC: Nexus 4 demand through the roof
  7. Phone Arena: HTC releases the source code of the Droid DNA
  8. Khronos releases significant OpenCL 1.2 specification update


  1. Business Insider: The Google+ boss just brilliantly
    everything annoying about Facebook
  2. Fudzilla: Cooler Master to launch two more liquid coolers
  3. Engadget podcast 318
  4. Newegg's deals

  1. Engadget: Nexus 7 dock hits Japanese Asus shop with December launch window
  2. Hardware Heaven and Legit Reviews on Nokia Lumia 920
  3. The Inquirer reviews Google Nexus 4
Software and gaming

  1. Engadget's how-to: Picking a desktop environment in Linux
  2. The Inquirer: First Halo 4 map pack comes out in early December
  3. Company of Heroes 2 debut gameplay trailer
  4. Guru3D's Far Cry 3 VGA graphics benchmark performance test
Memory, storage, and networking

  1. APH Networks on 8GB Patriot Intel Extreme Masters PC3-17000 memory kit
  2. TweakTown reviews 240GB Intel 335 Series SSD
  3. Tbreak reviews 500GB Western Digital My Passport Edge
  4. PCPer's Asus RT-N56U "Black Diamond" wireless router review
Multimedia and cooling

  1. Phoronix has 8-way Nvidia Nouveau GPU comparison
  2. reviews AOC i2757Fm myPlay monitor
  3. ProClockers review Genius SP-HF800A 3-way wood speakers
  4. TWL's Palo Alto Cubik 2.0 speaker system review
  5. VR-Zone reviews Rosewill RK-9100 illuminated keyboard
  6. Hardware Heaven's Razer Deathstalker keyboard video review
  7. Hardware Secrets reviews Corsair H60 CPU cooler
  8. FrostyTech reviews SilverStone Heligon HE02 heatsink
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