Quantum3D announces products based on 3dfx's next-gen tech

Even before 3dfx themselves, 3dfx partner Quantum3D has announced a line of products built around 3dfx's "Napalm" core. Quantum3D sells 3dfx-based solutions into higher-end markets, but the basic tech they use is generally quite similar to what 3dfx sells on retail. By the looks of it, the Quantum3D products have the kind of 3D feature set we're expecting from 3dfx. Here's a bit from the press release:

First PC-based Gigapixel Per Second Performance AAlchemy will deliver scalable texture fill rates from 140 megapixels per second to greater than one gigapixel per second, depending on system configuration. AAlchemy features enhanced triangle and texture paging throughput to deliver industry-leading peak textured triangle rates and texture paging performance, capable of supporting 1280 x 1024 resolution or greater.

AAlchemy will employ T-Buffer(TM) technology, jointly developed by 3dfx and Quantum3D, which enables the graphics subsystem to deliver unmatched, full-scene sub-pixel anti-aliased image quality, along with previously impossible special effects that significantly enhance visual realism. The AAlchemy architecture approach will enable wide parallelism for single-pass, full-scene, sub-pixel anti-aliasing and deep parallelism for scalable fill rate. AAlchemy will also exploit the enhanced rendering and texture capabilities in the 3dfx chip to deliver 32-bit per-pixel color and Z, source, and destination alpha-blending, stencil buffering, advanced texture compression, enhanced transparency support, and advanced video capabilities.

You can read the rest of the press release at Quantum3D's site.

Since the NVIDIA GeForce is more or less a pair of TNT2s slapped together with a geometry coprocessor, the new 3dfx design may be the most exciting and truly new graphics tech on the market for a while. This one is worth watching.

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