Win8 adoption low among web surfers, Steam gamers

Microsoft says it's sold 40 million licenses for Windows 8. However, the new OS made up only 1.3% of web traffic in November according to Web analytics firm StatCounter. That figure is lower than the 4.9% Windows 7 enjoyed one month after its launch. Web stats don't really target early adopters, though; Windows XP made up 26.5% of web traffic in November despite being over a decade old.

Gamers tend to be on the cutting edge, and the results of Valve's latest Steam survey provides some insight on how quickly that crowd is adopting Win8. The opt-in survey pegs Windows 8's share at 4.7%, which is higher than that of OS X but quite a ways behind other versions of Windows. As expected, most Steam users are running Windows 7—72.6%, to be exact. 10.8% are sticking with Windows XP, while a surprising 8.1% are still using Vista. That's right: more Steam gamers are running Vista than Win8.

To be honest, I'm not terribly surprised by the Steam stats. Unless you want to shop for games in the Microsoft Store—something I can't see being terribly popular with Steam users—Windows 8 doesn't have a whole lot to offer the gaming crowd. It does boast a slightly newer version of DirectX, but the 11.1 revision lacks must-have features unless you're running a stereoscopic 3D setup. It probably doesn't help that Valve's Gabe Newell has been critical of Microsoft's new OS, either. Thanks to The Next Web for the tip.

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