Rumor: Next-gen Radeons due in the second quarter

As we saw yesterday, driver updates and game bundles alone have substantially altered the value equation for today's graphics cards. That's good, because according to DigiTimes, AMD's next generation of graphics processor isn't coming out until the second quarter of next year.

DigiTimes doesn't reveal much about the next-gen Radeons, except for the fact that they're apparently dubbed the Radeon HD 8000 series—no big shocker there. The site does, however, share an interesting tidbit about timing. Word is that AMD originally planned to release the GPUs this quarter but had to postpone them because of its ongoing corporate reorganization. Remember, about a month and a half ago, AMD announced plans to let go 15% of its work force in order to save cash.

DigiTimes goes on to say Nvidia, too, plans to introduce next-generation GPUs in 2013, but it doesn't say when or what they'll be called. Considering both Nvidia and AMD usually refresh their GPU lineups every year, I think that belongs under the "no duh" category.

AMD hasn't shared many specifics about its latest round of layoffs, but just before the official announcement, the rumor mill said AMD's graphics division would be hit particularly hard by engineering job cuts. I hope the rumor wasn't true and the alleged 8000-series delay is unrelated. It would be a shame if AMD hobbled its graphics business, considering the GPU market is arguably where AMD has managed to stay the most competitive.

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