Lenovo: Industry 'underestimated' demand for touch PCs

The day after the Windows 8 launch, I went to the local electronics store and tried a couple of touch-screen Windows 8 laptops. I wasn't impressed. The Modern UI looked oversized and ugly, and the touch gestures seemed unintuitive.

Clearly, though, the market at large doesn't feel the same way. Lenovo North America chief Gerry Smith told CNet News yesterday that the industry underestimated demand for Windows 8 touch PCs, in fact. That underestimation was apparently so bad that supply shortages ensued. The situation is now improving, though, and Smith told CNet News that capacity will increase in the first half of next year.

Smith also expects Windows 8 to be successful, despite the whispers of disappointing sales we heard last month. In six months' time, "people will look back and determine the Windows 8 launch was pretty consistent with prior releases of the software," Smith said.

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