Specs leak for 13W, 10W Ivy Bridge CPUs

Remember that rumor about Intel rolling out some lower-wattage Ivy Bridge CPUs ahead of the Haswell launch? Well, the folks at VR-Zone Chinese have gotten their hands on what looks like an Intel PowerPoint slide with specs for five new Intel processors—and their TDPs are as low as 10W. Ooh...

Apparently known as the "Y" series, these processors will show up in the first quarter of next year, according to VR-Zone. At the low end, the series will include a Pentium 2129Y with two cores, two threads, a 1.1GHz core clock speed, 2MB of cache, and a 10W "nominal" TDP. Neither Turbo Boost nor HyperThreading will be on the menu for that offering.

The series flagship will be known as the Core i7-3689Y. That model will have two cores, four threads, a 1.5GHz base clock speed, a 2.6GHz peak Turbo speed, 4MB of cache, and a slightly higher 13W power envelope. Both the low-end Pentium and the high-end Core i7 will have a 850MHz graphics speed, but the i7's IGP is labeled "Intel HD Graphics 4000" in the spec sheet, while the Pentium's is just marked "Intel HD Graphics." The Pentium's IGP may simply have a few units disabled.

10W is the exact figure Intel is targeting with its next-gen Haswell mobile chips. Getting there ahead of schedule with Ivy Bridge would definitely be unexpected. VR-Zone doesn't speculate on the kinds of systems these power-sipping Ivy CPUs will drive, but I expect slimmer ultrabooks and even some tablets may be in store. Exciting stuff. (Thanks to X-bit labs for the link.)

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