IHS: Qualcomm the number-three semiconductor supplier in 2012

IHS iSuppli has put together a preliminary list of the top 20 semiconductor suppliers for 2012. Intel is still at the top, despite the fact that its semiconductor revenue is projected to decline slightly from last year. Samsung has the number-two spot easily locked up for another year, but you might be surprised by the firm that comes next. It’s Qualcomm, which was ranked sixth last year behind Texas Instruments, Toshiba, and Renesas. An impressive 27% increase in revenue has allowed the Snapdragon SoC-maker to vault into third place.

Qualcomm’s surging revenue is particularly impressive given how things have played out for the rest of the top 20. Sony is the only other firm to register double-digit growth for the year, and more than half of the companies have seen their semiconductor sales drop. Semiconductor revenue is expected to fall 2.3% for the market as a whole.

Compared to the big dogs, Qualcomm is still a smaller player. The firm will reportedly take in just under $13 billion according to IHS iSuppli’s projections. Intel is slated to rake in over $47 billion, while Samsung’s revenue is pegged at more than $30 billion.

Qualcomm’s 2012 revenue is expected to be almost 2.5 times higher than AMD’s, which might explain why ex-AMD CTO Eric Demers defected earlier this year. AMD sits in 12th place with an expected revenue drop of nearly 18%—the biggest decline in the top 20. Nvidia seems to be faring much better; although it’s ranked 15th, its revenue is expected to rise by almost 9% over last year.

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    • sschaem
    • 7 years ago

    Not all the 2012 numbers are in, AMD expect a 10% drop in revenue this quarter.
    (2013 is also shaping to be much worse for AMD then expect even by the most pessimists.)

    qualcomm migth only make 13 billion vs intel 47 billion, but qualcomm marketcap is 10% bigger then Intel. Qualcomm is now ‘officially’ a more valuable company then Intel.

    • bitcat70
    • 7 years ago

    [quote<] but you might be surprised by the firm that comes next [/quote<] You spoiled the surprise with the title.

    • LauRoman
    • 7 years ago

    What i find funny in IHS iSuppli’s article is that Sony is listed above AMD.

      • nico1982
      • 7 years ago

      Why? Sony is quite a large supplier of digital imaging sensor and processors.

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