Deal of the week: Cases, SSDs, Chromebooks, and more

As one of the remedies to its precarious financial situation, OCZ plans to stop ruining itself by offering uber-cheap SSDs. Some of the company's cheapest offerings have gone out of stock at Newegg, but some stragglers remain. Among those: the 128GB Agility 3, which is on sale for only $99.99 shipped. This is a SandForce SF-2200-powered drive with top read and write speeds north of 500MB/s, so that's a pretty good value. Get it while it's hot!

Newegg also has Corsair's Carbide Series 200R enclosure on sale for $43.99 with free shipping, after a $10 mail-in rebate and a 10%-off promo code. (Just enter "CorsairDec12" without quotes on the checkout page.) As we explained in our review, the 200R is amazingly pleasing to work in for the price, and it trounces the competition from Antec.

Samsung's $249 Chromebook is still available for, er, $249. Its limitations make it a difficult sell to enthusiasts, but with such a low price tag, solid battery life, and a speedy web browser, this would make a perfect gift for a less computer literate relative—young or old. It's a very solid system from a hardware standpoint, as well. See our review for all the deets.

On the gaming front, Far Cry 3 isn't available at a discount yet, but you can get the prequel for cheap—Far Cry 2 is down to $9.59 in digitally downloadable format on Amazon. Also, Metro Last Light and the next Tomb Raider are still both available to pre-order for $44.99. They're not due out until next March, but these are both solid-looking games, so you may as well save the money now instead of paying more when they're released.

Oh, and my novella Fluke: Langara's Prize is free to download on Amazon today.

What about our friends up in the Great White North? Well, NCIX's Yuletide Sale Event is in full swing, and as part of it, the e-tailer is offering $4.99 shipping on orders over $50 and weighing in at less than 100 lbs. Discounted items include a 3TB WD Caviar Green hard drive for $129.99 CAD, the 240GB version of OCZ's Agility 3 for $169.99 CAD, and Corsair's excellent Obsidian Series 650D for $149.99 CAD.

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