Saturday Shortbread

The Pick 6

  1. hp to Apple: Hey, we already make PCs in the U.S. - C|Net
  2. Mac Rumors: Apple now quoting 'January' shipping estimates for 27" iMac
  3. Richard Stallman claims Ubuntu has spyware: What to do?
  4. The Verge on Microsoft's battle for consumers:
    It's time to drop the Windows name
  5. Maximum PC: Nvidia launches GeForce
    Experience beta
    for optimizing game settings
  6. Spike TV VGA winners


  1. TNW: Kim Dotcom posts screenshots of upcoming Mega site
  2. Newegg's weekend deals

  1. Joystiq: How Morrowind and KOTOR defined modern RPGs

  1. Futurelooks: My Ultrabook buying experience
  2. Tbreak's quick look at Zotac Zbox AD06
  3. Techreaction on Corsair's 16GB Dominator Platinum 2133MHz memory kit
  4. CPCR's Plantronics GameCom Commander headset review
  5. Technic3D reviews Cooler Master HAF-XM case (in German)
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