Jr. Damage takes over the labs

I haven't mentioned for a while how my little prodigy, Jr. Damage, is coming along in his training. You'll be pleased to know progress is good. I know some other web types out there get excited about their five-year-olds playing Quake, but pshaw! Jr. Damage is 20 months old now, and as you can see, and his first water cooling project is almost ready.

(Click for larger versions.)
I gave him an old Pentium 90 system to play around with so he wouldn't try to work on one of the other boxes around here. (Somebody out there just had an "I really need to upgrade" moment.) With luck, he'll hit 180MHz with it.

In semi-related news, I don't think I've mentioned that Jr. Damage will be getting a little sister in August. He doesn't quite understand what's about to happen yet. We may have to give her the K6.

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