Fresh BioShock Infinite trailer shows new gameplay

If BioShock Infinite were coming out this month, it would be on my Christmas wish list for sure. It isn't, though. The game isn't actually due out until March 26. However, Irrational Games isn't leaving us BioShock fans out in the cold. The studio has released a fresh gameplay trailer for Spike TV's 2012 Video Game Awards, and the spot has popped up on YouTube:

Short and sweet. I like it.

For some reason, the combat in the latter half of the video reminds me of American McGee's Alice. I guess there's something about the weird, ethereal vibe of Columbia, the floating city in the clouds, not to mention strange foes, colorful explosions, and the sheer violence of it all. Of course, Irrational isn't exactly known for cookie-cutter art direction and level design.

More to the point, the combat in BioShock Infinite looks both varied and fun—key criteria all too many modern titles seem to forgo. Now that I'm done with Dishonored, another mold-breaking shooter can't come soon enough. (Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.)

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