Rambus's royal royalties on DDR

It's Rambus week here in Damage Labs! We're following the Rambus-Infineon trial while running a bunch of Linpack tests on a Pentium 4. Occasionally, I take time out to stalk Jack Robertson of EBNews.

Jack's latest work¬ówhich he typed up while eating a donut and drinking coffee in a bathrobe from his home office this afternoon, not that I'd have any way of knowing that¬óconcerns the royalties Rambus charges to DRAM manufacturers. It seems Rambus has made good on its promise to price DDR royalties high enough to give RDRAM a competitive edge. The trial has brought to light the fact that Rambus royalties on DDR SDRAM are 3.5%. Compare that to 0.75% for SDRAM and 1-2% on RDRAM. Folks, that's a lotta wampum for a license on a technology they probably didn't invent.

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