Game publisher THQ 'evaluating' Linux

Clearly, Valve is pretty gung-ho about Linux as a gaming platform. It's too early to tell if other developers and publishers are on board yet, but at least one of them is considering it. THQ President Jason Rubin posted this message on Twitter this weekend:

@CheshireTheyain Got the Linux message load and clear via #HumbleBundle feedback. Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak.

Rubin was responding to a user who asked, "can you guys consider doing some games for Linux? I know it seems a small market, but look at what Valve is doing."

The folks at gaming site Polygon got Rubin to elaborate via e-mail. In his response, the THQ President noted that there are "vibrant communities" of gamers running less-popular operating systems like Linux, and THQ "should not overlook them." He went on to say:

"Complicating the analysis (in a positive way), gamers have tweeted inventive ideas to me, such as letting the community help in the porting to bring down costs . . . THQ is committed to look at anything that makes sense."

Rubin apparently ended his e-mail on a positive note, saying he believes THQ will have more details to announce "shortly."

Turning Linux into a mainstream gaming platform could be an uphill battle for Valve and any companies that join the effort. Clearly, though, the Linux community is doing its part to bring more publishers into the fold. It'll definitely be interesting to see what THQ winds up deciding—and whether other major game companies follow in its footsteps. (Thanks to for the links.)

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