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Check this out: these guys stole wholesale my Pentium 4 vs. Athlon DDR article. (Update: The page has been removed, but you can see a copy right here.) To add injury to insult, they embedded the article's images from our server in their copy of the article, so we have to pay for the bandwidth. As you can see, though, I made a few changes to the images.

Let's hope they've learned their lesson and will stop ripping off other people's content. I sure wouldn't trust them with my business, though.

Update II: has posted this statement:

It has come to our attention that there has been an article taken from Management sincerely apologizes for this. It is policy for us to site the source of all articles. We have recently fired our web developer and assure you that this would never happen again.

We apologize to the management of and we assure them that this will never happen again. In the future management will review articles our web department puts up more thoroughly.

Management at sincerely apologizes to for any trouble that we may have caused.

Apology is accepted, and we have removed GotByte contact info from this news post. I'd rather it hadn't happened, but a quick resolution is the next best thing.
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