Corsair brings modular cables to budget CX Series PSUs

Corsair has expanded its line of CX Series budget PSUs to include new models with modular cables. Denoted by a trailing M in their model numbers, the units are available with 430-750W of output power. The specifications appear to match those of the existing, tentacled CX models. Each unit has a single 12V rail, 80 Plus Bronze certification, and a three-year warranty.

According to the press release, the 430, 500, 600, and 750W variants will sell for $60, $80, $85, and $100, respectively. The PSUs don't seem to be available online just yet, but Corsair's pricing looks reasonably competitive with that of modular units from other big-name vendors. The CX Series appears to offer modular cables at lower wattages than most PSUs, as well.

Modular PSU cables make it much easier to wire a new build, so it's nice to see the feature trickling down further into budget territory. The new additions to the CX family appear to be pushing out the existing, non-modular units. Newegg has discounted the older models by 8-15%, and that's before mail-in rebates of $10-20. If you're going to be using most of the cables anyway, the original CX units look like decent deals right now.

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