Any recs for good Windows backup software?

So... I have, until my recent upgrade to Windows 8, been using Acronis TrueImage 2012 for my system backups. Then Acronis decided that you'd have to buy TrueImage 2013 in order to get Windows 8 support.

I think that's bogus, from a product I bought earlier this year.

Shortly after that, TrueImage committed the ultimate sin: a couple of the full-system images that I'd created with TrueImage, of Win7-based GPU test rigs, failed to restore. The program would verify the images were correct and free of errors, but TrueImage refused to restore them onto the very same SSDs from which they were created. Some googling around confirmed that this problem is fairly widespread and extends to TrueImage 2013, as well.

Yeah, I'm done with Acronis.

My backup needs include full-disk imaging and file-based incremental backups. I've used the built-in Windows backup tool for that in the past, so even though Microsoft has hidden it in Windows 8, I figured I'd give that a shot. Several weeks have passed. I've run several massive, day-long backup attempts to a USB 3.0 external drive, and all have ended in "backup could not be completed" errors. Separately, I ran a similar backup from my wife's PC over the network, and it failed with the same sort of error. More googling unearthed way, way too many threads started by people who had the same sort of problems, who tried everything the MS "experts" recommended, and who still couldn't get the backup to finish.

Not worth it, I figured.

So I looked up the latest version of Norton Ghost, and the reviews on Amazon for it are brutal. TrueImage's restore problems appear to have crept into Ghost, as well, along with various other quirks in too great a measure.

So here I am, asking you all: what do you recommend for Windows imaging and backup software?

The ideal candidate will include full-disk imaging from Windows and/or a bootable USB stick, full awareness of SSDs and TRIM, file backups with incremental updates that run on a schedule, and actual bulletproof operation during backup and restore. Happy to hear your thoughts!

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