Crysis 3 trailer shows off compound bow

"But will it run Crysis?" is one of the PC enthusiast scene's better contributions to the world of Internet memes. The latest trailer for Crysis 3 might inspire another question: can you kill it with a compound bow? The second episode in Crytek's The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 teaser videos takes a closer look at the game's most intriguing new weapon. Check it out:

The video sticks to a single environment but provides plenty of gameplay footage. And, yes, there comes a time when the compound bow is traded for something a little more potent.

While the accompanying narration is overly dramatic, the graphics look gorgeous. The vegetation is partifularly convincing, and it's something that developer Crytek has always done well. I'm getting a Predator meets Life After People vibe, and I like it. This may be the first Crysis game I really get into since the original.

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