HTC may be planning 7-, 12-inch WinRT tablets

Look like another phone maker has a Windows RT tablet up its sleeve. Earlier this week, we heard that Nokia has a 10" device planned for a late February launch. Now, Bloomberg reports that HTC, too, is on board—at least according to a "person familiar with the company's plans."

Word is that HTC has not one, but two Windows RT devices in the pipeline: one with a 12" display and another with a 7" panel. The 7-inch device will reportedly let users make cellular calls, which could give it a leg up over similar-sized offerings from Google and Amazon. I don't recall seeing a "Phone" app among the default Windows RT software—but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8 all share a common software foundation, and HTC could probably code up its own app.

Bloomberg says HTC's Windows RT tablets will come out some time in 2013. The site also quotes "one person" who expects HTC to use Qualcomm processors. Interestingly, HTC is said to have scrapped plans for an Intel-powered Windows 8 tablet "because the company determined it would have to charge too much." The device would have cost around $1,000, Bloomberg says.

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