Asus downplays Intel's rumored switch to BGA CPUs

Are we all doomed if Intel transitions away from socketed processor packages on the desktop, as rumored? Not quite, according to Asus VP and motherboard chief Joe Hsieh. Speaking to the guys at DigiTimes, Hsieh said things "will not be as bad as people think," and Intel will likely find a way to keep offering both socketed and BGA chips.

Even if the rumor does turn out to be true, Hsieh has encouraging thoughts: "the industry will continue to live on as motherboard makers will figure out how to handle and respond to the change." As we said last month, desktop motherboards with soldered-on, BGA-style CPUs are already available. They tend to be Mini-ITX offerings with Atom processors onboard—and in fact, Asus has a few in its product line.

Hsieh's comments follow a report we came across last month, which said Intel would transition its desktop processors to BGA packages in 2014. Intel later responded to the speculation, saying it plans to continue offering socketed chips for the "foreseeable future." However, the company stopped short of a complete denial, adding that it "cannot comment on specific long-term product roadmap plans at this time." AMD also went on the record to say it will continue offering socketed desktop CPUs through 2014.

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