NVIDIA's Form 8-K

Yahoo! Finance has the latest postmortems concerning NVIDIA's acquisition of 3dfx:
On April 18, 2001, Acquisition Sub completed the purchase of certain graphic assets of 3dfx. At the closing, Acquisition Sub made payments totaling $55 million in cash and acquired specified assets relating to the graphics chip business of 3dfx, including patents and patent applications. On the date of execution of the Asset Purchase Agreement, Acquisition Sub loaned 3dfx $15 million pursuant to a Credit Agreement, dated as of December 15, 2000, by and between Acquisition Sub and 3dfx. In addition, following the closing, NVIDIA and 3dfx filed a stipulation to dismiss with prejudice the patent litigation between the parties. The litigation was dismissed on April 26, 2001, pursuant to a judicial order.
I'm not sure what that means but it is worth noting. This is a day late but ON24's "On The Move" has big news regarding NVIDIA and the Microsoft Xbox. Watch the Real video playback here.
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