Nvidia's TegraZone app lends WinRT gamers a hand

Got a WinRT tablet? Jealous of your iPad-toting friends and their cornucopia of games? Well, serves you right for being an early adopter. Help is on the way, though, courtesy of Nvidia and its TegraZone software.

As Nvidia's Will Park explains on the company's official blog, the TegraZone app is now available on both Windows RT and Android. (TegraZone started out as an Android exclusive.) Park says the WinRT version boasts a coat of Modern UI paint and is a free download from the Windows Store. I can't find the app in the Windows 8 version of the Store on my PC, oddly enough, but here's a screenshot from Park's blog post:

Here's what Windows RT users can look forward to, in Park's words:

TegraZone for Windows RT launches with a number of games already available in the Windows Store including: Judge Dredd vs Zombies, Pinball FX 2, Reckless Racing Ultimate, Riptide GP, Soulcraft (pictured, above), Space Ark, Sprinkle and Vendetta Online.

These Tegra-optimized titles offer special features not found in the standard versions, including HD characters and environments; realistic physics effects such as water, smoke and cloth; as well as dynamic lighting and particle effects.

Nvidia has quite a presence in the nascent Windows RT device market. Its Tegra 3 processor powers Microsoft's Surface tablet, Asus' VivoTab RT, and Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga 11, among others. It's nice to see the chipmaker pushing to bring more games to the platform. Nvidia has its work cut out, though, if it wants Windows RT to match the extensive repertoire of games available on iOS.

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