Rumor: AMD to drop Vision branding

AMD's branding initiatives don't have a terribly good track record. Remember Better By Design? Or the AMD Live! push? Yeah, probably not. Even the Fusion label, once used to refer to APUs, was repurposed into a generic corporate trademark and eventually abandoned.

Now, according to SemiAccurate, the Vision brand is about to earn its place in the graveyard of AMD's short-lived marketing initiatives. The site says "all references" to the Vision name will be removed from new PCs and product literature. Going forward, laptop palm rests and desktop chassis will simply tout the processor inside—with the word "platform" tacked on for appearances. For example: "AMD A10 platform," "AMD E2 platform," and so forth.

At least, that's the rumor. A visit to AMD's website still shows prominent Vision branding in the APU section. The current labels—Vision E1 and E2; Vision A4, A6, A8, and A10—aren't too different from what SemiAccurate proposes, since they already emphasize AMD's APU families. However, getting rid of the mildly confusing and arguably pointless word "Vision" ought to simplify things a little.

AMD first introduced Vision branding in September 2009. "VISION Technology from AMD breaks the model in how PC benefits are communicated," the company said at the time. "Rather than the traditional model, which focuses on the technical specifications of individual hardware components, VISION communicates the value of the whole system and demonstrates the combined processing power of both the CPU and GPU to deliver a superior visual experience to mainstream PC users."

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