Win8 share reached 1.72% in December

December usage share numbers are in, and according to Net Applications, Windows 8's popularity is on the rise. However, Microsoft's new operating system still isn't nearly as popular as Windows 7 was two months after its release.

Net Applications says 1.72% of web users were running Windows 8 in December 2012, up from 1.09% in November. By contrast, in December 2009, Windows 7 enjoyed a whopping 5.8% usage share that was up from 4.06% the previous month. (Windows 7 came out on October 22, 2009, and Windows 8 hit stores on October 26, 2012, so the numbers are fairly comparable.)

The situation is a little different now, though. Dissatisfaction with Windows Vista was still rampant in late 2009—and plenty of folks were still stuck with Windows XP, which had just turned eight years old. Windows 7 was pretty appealing, since it offered Vista's benefits in a more polished and faster package. I expect Windows 8 is a tougher sell, especially considering the relative dearth of Modern UI applications out there.

In case you're wondering, Win7 was the most popular version of Windows last December with a 45.11% usage share. Windows XP was second with 39.08%, and Vista was a distant third with a puny 5.67% share, according to Net Applications. (Thanks to Neowin for the heads up.)

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