Lower-power Ivy chips coming to 'select' systems

Remember those rumors about lower-wattage Ivy Bridge processors possibly showing up before the Haswell launch? Well, they're not rumors anymore. We now have confirmation—or rather, CNet News does—that Ivy Bridge chips with TDPs below the current minimum of 17W are indeed on the way.

"Limited SKUs" of Intel's 3rd Generation processor, aka Ivy Bridge, will have a power rating below 10 watts, allowing the processor to throttle down to a sub-10-watt power envelope, an Intel spokesperson told CNET. This "will enable new ultrabook designs" and the chip is "coming very soon," he added.

That's about it as far as specifics go, unfortunately. CNet News just adds that these power-sipping Ivy Bridge models should be available only to "select laptop and tablet vendors." Presumably, that means we'll have to wait until later this year for Intel's next architectural refresh, Haswell, to usher in widespread sub-10W goodness.

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