Surface for Windows 8 Pro may arrive on the 29th

In late November, Microsoft revealed some fresh details about the Intel-powered version of its Surface tablet: more detailed specs, pricing, and so forth. The official launch time frame is still a vague "January 2013," though. So, when can we expect the device?

January 29, according to SoftPedia, which says it was tipped off by a "source close to the Redmond campus" about the release date. That source claims the launch will take place on the 29th, but the Surface for Windows 8 Pro won't actually go on sale until the next day.

Microsoft originally said the Surface Pro would hit stores "about 90 days" after the ARM-powered model. Since that device came out on October 26, a January 29-30 release for the Intel version seems entirely plausible.

As we learned in November, the Surface for Windows 8 Pro will start at $899. That price will get you a tablet with an Intel Core i5 processor, a 10.6" 1080p screen, a stylus, and 64GB of solid-state storage—but no keyboard cover. (If current prices don't change, users will have to pay up $119.99 for the Touch Cover and $129.99 for the scissor-switch Type Cover.) Microsoft also intends to offer a $999 version of the Surface for Windows 8 Pro with 128GB of storage capacity.

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