Deal of the week: SSDs, mice, games, and more

Post-holiday sales are still popping up around the web, and as it happens, Newegg has one running today and through the weekend. Among the items featured are a few solid bargains:

  • Intel's 335 Series 240GB, a speedy, SandForce-powered solid-state drive backed by a three-year warranty, for $174.99 shipped.
  • Corsair's button-laden Vengeance M90 mouse for $29.99 (after free shipping and a $20-off mail-in rebate). The M90 has 15 buttons and a comfortable design that mixes plastic and aluminum. We at TR are more partial to the M60, but MMO players need love, too.
  • A 16GB dual-channel kit of Corsair's DDR3-1600 mobile memory for $62.04 shipped (after a 15%-off promo code, EMCNJNF27). 16 gigs may be overkill for a laptop, but at that price, it's also very tempting.
  • Corsair's Builder Series CX430 430W power supply for $19.99 (after a $5-off promo code, EMCNJNF59, and a $20-off mail-in rebate). This is an 80 Plus Bronze certified unit with good reviews, and it would make an excellent companion to a build like our System Guide's Econobox. Keep in mind even our high-end GPU test rigs draw less than 300W under load.

Meanwhile, over at Amazon, those 2K Games digital bundles are still on saleā€”and one of them, the 2K Mega Pack, has gotten a $5 cut. Amazon currently charges...

  • $9.99 for the Crazy Action Pack, which includes Borderlands GOTY Edition, The Darkness II, and Duke Nukem Forever.
  • $19.99 for the 2K Strategy Super Pack, which includes Civilization V: GOTY Edition, Civilization V: Gods and Kings, Civilization IV: The Complete Edition, and The Stronghold Collection.
  • $24.99 for the 2K Mega Pack, which comprises all of the above (except for Gods and Kings) plus Borderlands GOTY Edition, CivCity: Rome, Duke Nukem Forever Complete Pack, and Mafia II.

Not bad... and the Crazy Action and Mega packs both have a copy of Duke Nukem Forever, which is worth playing for the comedy value alone.

What about our Canadian readers? NCIX has a sale running, too: the New Year's Sale Event. I'm seeing a 240GB Mushkin SSD priced at $159.99 CAD and Corsair's Vengeance M60 mouse priced at $39.99 CAD, just to name a couple of deals. There are many more on the sale page.

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