11.6-inch Vizio tablet taps AMD APU

AMD announced the tablet-centric Z-60 APU back in October, but it didn't have any design wins to discuss at the time. Now, Vizio has unveiled an 11.6" tablet based on the processor. Dubbed simply the Vizio 11.6" Tablet PC, the device runs a "Signature" version of Windows 8 that's entirely free of third-party software and other pre-loaded junk.


Vizio has managed to squeeze the Z-60 into a 0.4" chassis that weighs 1.8 lbs and is entirely fanless. The system isn't as light as some ARM-based tablets, but unlike them, it boasts x86 compatibility. The Z-60's integrated Radeon GPU should offer better graphics performance and game compatibility than competing Atom-based solutions, too.

With a 1080p display resolution, the tablet will surely make good use of the extra graphics horsepower. The press release doesn't provide details on the type of panel used, but let's hope Vizio didn't try to cut corners with a cheap TN display. This is, after all, a "premium mobility device designed to turn heads." Such a device should probably have vivid colors and wide viewing angles.

Vizio seems especially proud of the tablet's built-in audio, which promises clear sound and an extra dose of bass. There's also a Micro HDMI port if you want to plug the thing into a home-theater system or a secondary monitor. I'd expect at least one USB port, as well; it would be a crime to leave the Z-60's USB 3.0 support untapped. Apart from noting the tablet's 64GB of solid-state storage, the press release is devoid of more detailed specifications. We don't have any word on battery life, pricing, or an expected release date. The tablet is being shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, so it shouldn't be too far from hitting store shelves.

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