Obsidian 900D 'Godzilla' rounds out Corsair case family

Corsair's Obsidian Series 800D is already pretty darn big as far as PC enclosures go. Apparently, though, Corsair thought it wasn't big enough. The company has taken the wraps off its new Obsidian 900D "super tower," nicknamed Godzilla, which is even more preposterously huge:

This behemoth accommodates motherboard form factors up to HPTX, and it has room for two power supplies, four 5.25" optical drives, nine hard drives or SSDs, and up to 15 fans. (Out-of-the-box cooling includes three 120-mm intake fans and a 140-mm rear spinner.) Three of the hard-drive bays are hot-swappable, and Corsair will sell additional drive cages, allowing users to increase the total number of internal drive bays to 15.

Yeah, fifteen internal drive bays.

The 900D will be available next month. Going by Scott's notes from the launch event, I assume Corsair hasn't announced pricing yet—but considering the 800D sells for about $275, I wouldn't expect this thing to be cheap. More details about the 900D are available on Corsair's teaser page here.

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