Silverstone's SG10 case accepts microATX mobos, full-sized components

Silverstone makes some of our favorite small-form-factor cases, and the firm is showing a new Sugo-series model at CES. The SG10 isn't a Mini-ITX case despite its compact 8.7" x 11.6" x 13.9" dimensions. The chassis can accommodate microATX motherboards in addition to full-sized PSUs. It has plenty of room for longer graphics cards, too, and you can even cram a CrossFire or SLI configuration into the thing. Silverstone should've called this enclosure the Tardis.

Although the system on display in Silverstone's CES suite had only one graphics card inside, it did feature a massive CPU cooler—the sort that can be difficult to squeeze into other pint-sized enclosures. The SG10 has plenty of built-in cooling capacity, too. In addition a 120-mm fan at the rear, there's a massive 180-mm spinner in the top panel. The case is supposed to have a second 120-mm unit, but I can't spot it in the pictures Scott took at the show. Perhaps it's attached to one of the missing side panels—that's how things work in the existing SG09, which has a similar frame but a different face.

Even with a total volume of just 23 liters, or 0.8 cubic feet for the metric-impaired, the SG10 can still accommodate plenty of internal storage. Two 3.5" hard drives can be crammed into the case, and there are mounting points for four 2.5" drives. There isn't enough room for a full-sized optical drive, though. You'll need to use a slim, slot-loading drive if you want to feed optical discs into the system.

Silverstone expects the SG10 to be available in March with a $99 asking price. That's pretty affordable for a small-form-factor chassis, and I can't help but be intrigued by the case's potential.

Update: There was apparently a mix-up when the SG10's price was relayed to us at CES. Silverstone tells us the case will likely sell for $119 and not $99, as indicated in the paragraph above. The SG10 is still due to be launched next month.

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