news silverstones sg10 case accepts microatx mobos full sized components

Silverstone’s SG10 case accepts microATX mobos, full-sized components

Silverstone makes some of our favorite small-form-factor cases, and the firm is showing a new Sugo-series model at CES. The SG10 isn’t a Mini-ITX case despite its compact 8.7" x 11.6" x 13.9" dimensions. The chassis can accommodate microATX motherboards in addition to full-sized PSUs. It has plenty of room for longer graphics cards, too, and you can even cram a CrossFire or SLI configuration into the thing. Silverstone should’ve called this enclosure the Tardis.

Although the system on display in Silverstone’s CES suite had only one graphics card inside, it did feature a massive CPU cooler—the sort that can be difficult to squeeze into other pint-sized enclosures. The SG10 has plenty of built-in cooling capacity, too. In addition a 120-mm fan at the rear, there’s a massive 180-mm spinner in the top panel. The case is supposed to have a second 120-mm unit, but I can’t spot it in the pictures Scott took at the show. Perhaps it’s attached to one of the missing side panels—that’s how things work in the existing SG09, which has a similar frame but a different face.

Even with a total volume of just 23 liters, or 0.8 cubic feet for the metric-impaired, the SG10 can still accommodate plenty of internal storage. Two 3.5" hard drives can be crammed into the case, and there are mounting points for four 2.5" drives. There isn’t enough room for a full-sized optical drive, though. You’ll need to use a slim, slot-loading drive if you want to feed optical discs into the system.

Silverstone expects the SG10 to be available in March with a $99 asking price. That’s pretty affordable for a small-form-factor chassis, and I can’t help but be intrigued by the case’s potential.

Update: There was apparently a mix-up when the SG10’s price was relayed to us at CES. Silverstone tells us the case will likely sell for $119 and not $99, as indicated in the paragraph above. The SG10 is still due to be launched next month.

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  1. Exactly my thought. I don’t really see a need for both a graphics card AND a PCIe Ceton tuner card, so I would think a mini-ITX mobo would work just fine. In the event a graphics card is needed, Ceton’s USB tuner variant would work just fine with a miniITX mobo. I could see a problem in the event someone would want to use, say a 6 stream tuner card (whenever Ceton comes out with it) and also have a graphics card.

  2. Interesting… there are a lot of USB tuner solutions available. While that’s not ideal, I think it could work with a very minimalistic system.

  3. Try the Raven series: they are cheaper than the Fortress FT02 with virtually most of the same specs for cooling, especially the RV02/03.

  4. Mini-ITX motherboards have only one PCIe slot. That makes them unsuitable for my living room PC, which features a Ceton InfiniTV4 tuner card and a Radeon HD7770.

  5. This looks nice, however as far as mATX goes, nothing has come close to the size of the old SG03. Sure, it had very limited vertical clearance for the CPU HSF, but easily solved with something like a Corsair H60.

    I’m considering just moving smaller down to the SG05 instead soon.

  6. Hmmm I never saw the SG-09 and judging from the pictures, it is pretty ugly.

    I guess you can’t get a good grasp of this case based on the angle the photos are taken at. Going of the SG-09 it isn’t as small as it looks… They could’ve went with a mini-itx board instead and chopped like two inches off the top with changing relatively little.

  7. Darn, another case I have to buy.
    Have an “older” Asus mATX mb that should do it proud.
    Just hope it’s not too noisy,
    I’ll be about two feet away from it.

  8. I never really looked at the SG-09, so how does the PSU fan and its airflow work in this case? Out front, but the other fans and sucking air out too. Can someone explain please?

  9. This obviously. The Prodigy is oversized. There’s little point in mITX if you’re going to go with such a big case.

  10. Now this is what I call a real console!
    But seriously, this is amazing. I’m in love with this design. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE! Everyone take note!

  11. Aw shucks, now I have to decide between this and a Prodigy. uATX boards are cheaper/easier to get, but I’m a bit tired of black cases.

  12. It’s supposed to be the same thing as an SG-09 but with a less ugly front, so nothing new; but for airflow, if the 180mm fan up top can be filtered and set to intake, then the 120mm rear can play host to an IWC. The PSU is in its own air loop, which leaves the extra air from the 180mm intake to feed the GPU and keep air moving through the rest of the enclosure. Should be fine.

  13. Nice. My last two custom builds have used Silverstone cases (a TJ-08 and a KL-01). This is definitely something I’d consider for my next custom build.

  14. I think this just broke new barriers for maximizing space inside a SFF PC. It definitely needs to be checked for airflow, but otherwise kudos Silverstone.

  15. I was thinking the exact same thing. The HTPC is due for an upgrade, and a full sized power supply has become a must.

  16. This reminds me of the SilverStone FT02. Really wanted to get the FT02 due to its potential air flow that will keep the dB down, but the cost was prohibitive.

  17. [quote<]Even with a total volume of just 23 liters, or 0.8 cubic feet for the metric-impaired,[/quote<] Uh yeah, I don't need your pansy "liters" or "cubic feet" to measure volume. Those of us who really know what's going on can tell you that this thing has a volume of 0.0964437651 hogsheads!

  18. “Oh no, we’ve got nowhere to put the hard drives…”

    “Don’t worry, we will put them under the motherboard”

    Kinda neat, and such a good use of space IMO. This looks nice, so hopefully it lands on UK soil soon.

  19. Considering my only problem with the SG09 was its appearance I think I’ve found a case to transfer my current build Into….maybe, I’ve grown rather fond of my Fractal Define Mini and it’s silence, especially after I fitted noctua fans onto my H80

  20. So basically an SG09 but with a new face? Which is probably good since everyone here seemed to think it was ugly.

    I still like this case a lot but I went with an SG03 instead of waiting. Same displacement but the SG03 has a shorter depth (my main consideration) and allows a full-sized optical… which was more useful to me than allowing tall aftermarket tower heatsinks. Even if you don’t like stock heatsinks, people have supposedly slapped a Corsair H100 in the SG03’s front panel.

  21. It’s pretty solid, considering that its main purpose is to be small and quiet. I wouldn’t stand on it but it’s better built than the Microfly, once the exterior metal cover is in place it’s fine. The only big plastic pieces are the front facade and the 3-fan cover over the video card slots, which is still backed by a metal frame. I’m guessing this is in fact the same case as the SG-09, Silverstone did a similar thing a while back, their TJ-08E case came out and then a couple months later they slapped a new faceplate on it and re-released it as the PS-07. There’s an unboxing video of it here: [url<][/url<]

  22. Can you give some idea how sturdy these things are, both in terms of the frame itself, and the panels? How much of that vented panelling is plastic versus metal?

    I’ve been using “Ultra MicroFly” micro-atx cases for years, as they can fit big video cards, take 2*5.25+3*3.5, plus fit a full ATX power supply. I love the form factor, but the build quality is crap.

    I used to buy enterprise server rack-mount cases, which are way too huge now, but I appreciated that you could stand on one if you wanted 🙂

  23. Apart from the faceplate, this looks identical to their current SG09 case, which I own and love: [url<][/url<]


    Perfect HTPC box for running my steam games on.

  25. This looks really nice. I would definitely use something like this for my FIRST living room gaming build. Not to mention really nice portability for LAN or tournaments.

    The configuration is really nice and being able to fit a full sized GPU is some serious win.