OCZ readies PCIe Vector solid-state drive

No question about it, OCZ's Vector solid-state drive is fast—the drive performed extremely well in our benchmarks. Now, for its next trick, OCZ is going to turn the Vector into an even quicker solution with a PCI Express interface.

Pictured above is the Vector prototype being displayed by OCZ at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. This puppy features dual Indilinx controller linked together by a Marvell RAID chip, and it hooks up to your PC via a PCI Express 2.0 x4 interface. OCZ's Virtualized Controller Architecture allows the PCIe Vector to appear to the host system as a single drive, despite the dual controllers. TRIM is supported in Windows 8, as well, so rewrite speeds ought to be nice and quick—just like on a Serial ATA drive.

OCZ plans to offer the PCIe Vector in 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB variants. These won't be cheap, obviously; OCZ says it's shooting for pricing in the $1.40-1.70 per gigabyte range. That means the 240GB model may set you back at least $336 and at most $408. The high price of entry may be worth it, however, since OCZ claims this is the fastest SSD around.

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