Nvidia's Project Shield handheld caught on video

One of the great things about CES is that, if you know where to look, you can see freshly announced products and prototypes in action. Scott, our Editor in Chief, did just that yesterday with Nvidia's Project Shield handheld, which Nvidia demonstrated streaming Need for Speed Most Wanted from a GeForce GTX-equipped PC:

Nifty. I think I can see a small amount of lag between the analog stick movements and on-screen action, but the game is clearly playable. Also, it's running at the five-inch display's native 1280x720 resolution, which clearly makes for some very crisp graphics. Since the rendering isn't happening on the device itself, detail levels can be cranked up as high as the host PC can handle.

I'm still not sure I'd enjoy extended gaming sessions on such a small screen, but if the price is right, Project Shield could definitely make a nice sidekick for a gaming PC. As Nvidia revealed earlier this week, the device can also use its Tegra 4 processor to run Android games natively.

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