Cooler Master shows all-new case designs, updated classics

Cooler Master has several new and updated cases on display at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. Scott saw the fresh models while touring the company's suite in Las Vegas, and he snapped some pictures while he was there. Let's start with the budget N series, which spreads the same industrial design across N200, N400, and N600 models. Each one is a different size, starting with the microATX N200 and going up from there.

Impressively, even the N200 has room inside for a dual-fan radiator. The generous venting at the front provides ample airflow for hardcore water coolers, although I wouldn't expect many folks to put one of those in such an inexpensive case. Members of the N series are slated to sell for $40-60, which is quite a bit less than you'll pay for a water cooler with a monster radiator.

The N series offers other enthusiast-friendly features, including a cut-out behind the CPU socket, an upside-down layout, front-panel USB 3.0, and lots of gaps for cable routing. There's also a bulge in the right side panel to provide extra clearance for hidden cables—and to allow for messier routing behind the motherboard tray. The versions shown at CES were still prototypes, but Cooler Master is hoping to have final products on the market by the end of March.

The other completely new design is the ATCS 710, which features all-aluminum construction and a bit of an old-school vibe. This ATX tower has all the trappings of a premium product, plus a nifty door at the front that provides access to the intake fans. Also on the menu is a removable hard drive cage and tool-free sleds.

While I'm a sucker for bare metal finishes, the 5.25" drive bay covers don't appear to be an exact match for the aluminum face. There's plenty of time for Cooler Master to tweak the design, though. The ATCS 710 isn't due out until Q2 or early Q3.

In addition to the new models, Cooler Master is showing updated versions of existing designs. The Scout 2 Advance pictured above is a minor revision of the standard Scout, this time with two extra LED fans. White isn't the only option, of course; the case also comes in black and gunmetal.

Finally, we have the Centurion 6, a fresh take on a case that's been around for eight years. Along with a new front bezel and a removable drive cage, Cooler Master has added radiator mounts in multiple locations. The price hasn't been set, but this ATX tower is due at the end of the first quarter.

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