Backlit gaming keyboards on the way from Rosewill

Rosewill just keeps expanding its line of mechanical keyboards. Considering how much we liked the ones we reviewed, we can't really complain. This week at CES, the company was showing off a new series of keyboards aimed specifically at gamers:

These bad boys have a dual-LED backlight design, which allows the WASD and arrow keys to be colored differently from the rest. (Every key on the keyboard has an individual backlight.) Five brightness levels are supported, as is a pulsating "breathing" mode. Also on the menu: 12-key rollover, an option to disable the Windows key, and a more durable USB connector, which ought to address the problem some users encountered with Rosewill's other mechanical offerings.

Rosewill will offer these keyboards in four flavors—one for each of the popular Cherry MX switch types, including the linear red and black switches. Look for them in February or March with price tags in the $119-129 range.

I should note that Rosewill introduced another series of backlit mechanical keyboards last September, but those are now listed as discontinued at Newegg. The old models were only available with Cherry MX blue or brown switches, and they were limited to 6-key rollover and four LED brightness levels. Separate color control for the WASD and arrow keys wasn't an option, either.

Update: Rosewill tells us the RK-9100 isn't discontinued, despite what Newegg says. Rather, the keyboard is simply out of stock due to holiday sales.

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