Enermax PWM fans boast maximum speed switch

While touring Enermax's suite at the Consumer Electronics Show, Scott came upon an interesting twist on adjustable-speed fans. Most adjustable fans use in-line resistance to cut power to the motor. This approach works, but when combined with motherboard-based fan speed control, the effects are felt across the entire range of speeds supported by the fan. Enermax's T.B.Vegas spinners allows users to define the maximum speed of the fan while leaving the rest of the range intact.

The T.B.Vegaas is a PWM unit designed to work in conjunction with motherboard-based speed control. Enermax has simply provided a physical switch that caps the fan speed at a given RPM. Modern motherboard firmware often provides similar functionality, but some boards are missing the feature, and others don't support it for system fans. Since motherboards increasingly use four-pin PWM headers for system fans, it's nice to have another speed control option.

In addition to its maximum speed switch, the T.B.Vegas has a removable rotor meant to facilitate cleaning. Popping off the fan blades also gives us a nice view of the magnetic bearing; the bearing should be relatively quiet and last a while. Too bad it doesn't look like there's a switch to disable the LED lighting effects.

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