Rosewill targets enthusiasts with Throne ATX tower

Rosewill's ever-expanding product lineup includes numerous cases, but most of them are relatively barebones affairs that live at the budget end of the spectrum. The new Throne ATX tower will be a little pricier, at about $179, and it has all the features you'd expect from an enthusiast-oriented enclosure—including a gleaming white finish. If you were hoping for something a little more subdued, the Throne will also be available in black.

My first thought upon browsing Scott's pictures was that I'd seen this case before. Indeed, it borrows a number of design elements from NZXT's Phantom series. I'm not complaining, though. While the white version is a little loud for my tastes, I dig the Throne's angular lines, which nicely complement the adjustable venting flaps in the top panel. This thing would look pretty stealthy with matte black paint.

The Throne's top panel has other goodies, such as analog audio jacks, six widely spaced USB ports (four 2.0 and two 3.0), a SATA drive dock, and dual fan speed sliders. Each slider can be attached to as many as four fans, and it looks like you have a decent range of analog control rather than a simple high/medium/low switch.

There's a reason the fan controllers support up to eight spinners: this case is loaded with fans, including a 230-mm monster in the left side panel. Two 140-mm fans are found in the front panel, two more reside up top, and one sits at the rear. In addition to those, there are emplacements for two more 140-mm fans in the front panel and one in the case's floor.

Behind the reversible front door lurks a trio of 5.25" drive bays. Those bays are complemented by a massive internal cage with a whopping 10 3.5" bays, each of which features mounting holes for 2.5" drives. I'd be more worried about the cage's fixed nature if it didn't look like there were plenty of room for longer graphics cards already. Rosewill had this puppy loaded with a three-way SLI setup and a 1600W PSU, after all. Expect the Throne to hit Newegg in late Q1 or early Q2.

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