Lepa shows off high-efficiency PSUs, seizure-inducing LED fans

Enermax subsidiary Lepa is showing PSUs and fans at CES this year. New on the PSU front is the P1375, which boasts modular cables, a 1375W output rating, and 80+ Platinum certification. Lepa's PSU offerings cover a range of capacities between 750 and 1700W. The P-series models have 80+ Platinum certification, while the G-series units are 80 Plus Gold.

The PSUs all look pretty sedate, which is more than can be said for the firm's fans. Check out the LED-encrusted models Scott caught on video—but only if you're not prone to seizures.

When in Vegas, I guess. These fans will surely be popular with folks doing Dekotora-themed case modifications.

Lepa's fans do more than just produce dazzling light shows, of course. The firm's Vortex models are designed to shoot air in a tight column rather than scattering it. Unfortunately, the water vapor demo used to illustrate the more focused airflow proved impossible to capture on video. Seems like the Vortex fans could offer better performance with CPU heatsinks and water-cooling radiators that have fins parallel to the path of airflow.

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