Enermax to offer all-white CPU cooler

Some people laughed when enclosure makers first started offering stark white cases. The trend toward arctic-themed PCs hasn't shown any signs of slowing, though. White cases are everywhere these days, and component makers are churning out more and more parts that are colored to match. We've already seen white fans, headphones, drive docks, keyboards, and mice. Now, Enermax is poised to roll out a white version of its ETS-T40 CPU cooler.

As you can see, the cooler's fan and heatsink have both been given the white-out treatment. The 120-mm fan even has matching white LEDs. Don't assume Enermax has sacrificed function in the name of form, though. The company says the white coating is thermally conductive and just as efficient at transferring heat as the bare metal. With a dissipation rating of 200W, the ETS-T40 should be able to cool even overclocked CPUs with ease.

And, yes, that's a black version blending into the background on the left. The stealthy variant is likely to be more popular than the white version, and I'm curious to see if colored heatsinks catch on. As much as I like the look of bare metal fins, they don't really match the colors seen inside most modern systems.

The ETS-T40 is a little on the large size, as towers with 120-mm fans tend to be. If you're looking for something a little more compact, Enermax has a smaller tower with a 92-mm fan. This model is due in March and should be reasonably affordable. You'll have to make do with the bare metal aesthetic, though; the smaller design hasn't been given the same color treatment as its 120-mm sibling.

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