Adata serves mobile storage in multiple flavors

The mobile market is growing, and so is the number of PC component makers looking to stake out new territory. Adata is dipping into new waters with the AE400, which Scott describes as a "crazy" combo device that combines a Wi-Fi hotspot, a memory card reader, and a battery-based charger. Files on the memory card can be copied back and forth to tablets and smartphones using the slick-looking interface pictured below.

If you need more storage, the AE800 trades memory cards for a 500GB mechanical hard drive, and Adata throws in a USB 3.0 interface for good measure. We have a few more details on this device, whose power bank is rated for 5,100 mAh. The drive supports pretty much every major platform, including iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, and Linux. Its wireless network can handle up to eight clients and supports simultaneous Internet sharing and local data streaming.

Adata has plenty of PC gear on display at CES, including a bunch of SSDs. In addition to a 2.5" model with a cool terabyte of storage, a number of small-form-factor drives dotted the company's suite. Check out the difference between the NGFF-based M.2 form factor on the left, the mSATA card on the right, and the 2.5" adapter board that dwarfs them both:

The M.2 drive isn't dramatically smaller than the mSATA card, but keep in mind these are designed for ultrabooks, where every millimeter counts. Expect NGFF-based SSDs in next-generation ultrabooks, although you might want to avoid the XNS341N in the image aboveā€”it has a JMicron controller and an anemic rated write speed of just 100MB/s. Keep your eye out for the SX360E, though. This M.2 beast has a SandForce controller and performance specifications comparable to the fastest 2.5" drives.

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