TR's big CES 2013 digest

We published a lot of stories from the Consumer Electronics Show this week. A lot.

You can peruse them in the news section, of course, as well as in our archive. But that involves effort, and who likes effort? Nobody, that's who. So, we figured we'd make things easier for you all by linking everything in one big post, Shortbread-style. Without further ado, here's every single piece of CES coverage that went up on TR this past week:


  1. AMD shares latest mobile, desktop roadmap
  2. New details, early benchmark data revealed for 15W Kabini APU
  3. Process tweaks and power management define AMD's Richland APU


  1. Intel reveals 7W Ivy Bridge CPUs, convertible Haswell ultrabook
  2. Atom SoCs heading to cheaper smartphones, faster tablets
  3. New, cheaper Intel NUC coming next month
  4. Haswell integrated graphics keeps up with GeForce GT 650M
  5. Trusted source confirms soldered-on Broadwell CPUs


  1. Nvidia shows new Tegra chip, cloud gaming, handheld console
  2. Nvidia's Project Shield handheld caught on video

Cases, cooling, and power

  1. Obsidian 900D 'Godzilla' rounds out Corsair case family
  2. Slim Thermaltake Nic CPU cooler steers clear of DIMM slots
  3. Silverstone's SG10 case accepts microATX mobos, full-sized components
  4. Home-theater PCs targeted by new Silverstone cases
  5. Cooler Master shows all-new case designs, updated classics
  6. EVGA preps first Mini-ITX enclosure
  7. Enermax PWM fans offer maximum speed switch
  8. Rosewill targets enthusiasts with Throne ATX tower
  9. Lepa shows off high-efficiency PSUs, seizure-inducing LED fans
  10. Enermax to offer all-white CPU cooler

Keyboards and mice

  1. Corsair adds all-mechanical keyboard, new mice
  2. IR sensors, Xbox-style buttons infiltrate Thermaltake mice
  3. Green MX switches, blank caps appear on Cooler Master keyboards
  4. Backlit gaming keyboards on the way from Rosewill


  1. 11.6-inch Vizio tablet taps AMD APU
  2. New Lenovo Win8 tablets have dueling convertible designs
  3. Sliding MSI tablet coming this month at $1299
  4. Ivy Bridge, 8000-series Radeons team up in new Samsung notebooks


  1. Gigabyte Thin Mini-ITX mobos coming this month
  2. Gigabyte boards use Thunderbolt ports to drive 4K display resolutions


  1. HGST's new 1TB mobile hard drive is slimmer, faster
  2. Micron and Crucial introduce next-gen M500 SSD
  3. OCZ readies PCIe Vector solid-state drive
  4. Western Digital demos hybrid SSHD technology
  5. Adata serves mobile storage in multiple flavors


  1. New Zbox systems get Ivy Bridge, desktop GeForce
  2. New USB 3.0 spec to hit 10 Gbps data rate
  3. Lenovo all-in-one doubles as tabletop PC
  4. New ROG graphics card has dual GPUs, liquid cooling
  5. Asus shows super-wide, 144Hz displays
  6. Xi3 reveals Steam-optimized PC in 'grapefruit-sized' chassis
  7. New Diamond sound card has C-Media inside
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