Howdy, all. I hope you enjoyed our CES coverage last week. Cyril did a nice digest listing all of the stories.

CES is a huge show, and for us, it serves several roles. Not only is it a place where lots of news happens, but it's also our only chance to see virtually everyone in the industry face to face here in North America each year. On top of that, we've traditionally brought a big contingent of TR staff to the show, making it our annual chance for us to see one another all in one place. The combination of news gathering, networking, and giving Geoff crap about his hair gel is a lot to manage‚ÄĒespecially in the context of the rolling nightmare that is Vegas transportation between wall-to-wall meetings for 12 hours a day. Each of us could only cough up a news post or two at the end of a long day, max.

This year, we decided to take a different approach to the show. I attended along with our biz guy, Adam, but the rest of the guys stayed home. I collected pictures, notes, and videos from each meeting and uploaded them whenever possible. The guys then grabbed that info and wrote news stories based on it. Given the sheer volume of the coverage that resulted, I think this approach worked pretty well. Geoff's hair gel may not have received the scorn it deserves, but that is a price worth paying.

I still have a few more impressions from the show to write up today. Some of the coolest things I saw there, other than Project Shield, I saved for myself.

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