Acer bringing ultra-high-res displays to notebooks, desktops

Although it looks like 1080p will become the prevailing resolution for new notebook displays, Acer has a solution with considerably more pixels. At the Consumer Electronics Show last week, Acer demoed a 15.6" display with a 2880x1620 resolution. The 4.7-megapixel resolution offers more than double the pixels of 1920x1080 displays and is just shy of the 2880x1800 panel offered by the Retina-equipped 15" MacBook Pro. The Apple screen has a 16:10 aspect ratio, while the Acer is 16:9.

According to AnandTech, the Acer display looks great in person, with wide viewing angles and much better colors than the TN-backed screens in Acer's showcase. There seems to be some confusion over whether the display uses an IPS panel or some other 8-bit technology, but the results appear to be very good.

A picture of the display can be seen at The Guru of 3D, which claims the screen will be available as a high-end option on several notebooks. Interestingly, Acer reportedly plans to sell ultra-high-resolution desktop monitors, as well. Those screens will apparently lack touch functionality and be available this year. There's no word on specific resolutions or screen sizes, though.

Desktop users have been waiting for high-PPI displays for what seems like an eternity, and this may be the year we finally get some love. Of course, there's more to delivering a good experience than just cramming more pixels onto the screen. As Cyril noted, Windows 8 has issues on high-PPI displays. Microsoft really needs to get its act together on that front.

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